Los Angeles, CA – LA County Detention Services Officer Lacour Harrison was found not guilty after Attorney Tom Yu presented a solid defense and closing arguments at an LA County courthouse last week.

Mr. Harrison and five others were facing various charges related to two incidents that occurred in 2018 at the Los Padrinos Juvenile Hall involving the use of pepper spray. The charges were filed in April of 2019 by the LA County District Attorney that included one count of felony assault by a public officer and two misdemeanor counts of cruelty to a child.

Yu refuted the charges by proving the use of force was necessary and that Mr. Harrison had acted in accordance with the law and department procedures during the incidents. Yu’s first-hand knowledge from his time as an LA County Deputy – which included correctional experience, played a pivotal role in defense arguments for Mr. Harrison as well as the others facing charges.

“The ACLU, Probation Department, District Attorney’s Office, and Board of Supervisors, were all quick to make assumptions and issue subsequent statements alleging misconduct by my client,” states Yu. “The facts revealed that was not the case and justice was served for Mr. Harrison.”

Click here for a copy of the LA County District Attorney news release with details regarding the status of the charges on all six of the defendants.