San Francisco CA – The City’s former Deputy Director of the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner filed a lawsuit alleging civil rights violations involving harassing, abusive, and retaliatory conduct because he exercised his right to stop City Administrator Naomi Kelly’s illegal conduct and subsequently needed paternity leave.

The lawsuit, which was filed on July 14, 2020, outlines how plaintiff Christopher Wirowek was fired after he refused to change the Public Defender Jeff Adachi’s autopsy report, at Ms. Kelly’s request. Not only did Ms. Kelly disregard policy, protocol, and legal requirements related to Mr. Adachi’s case, she facilitated a retaliatory investigation and personal attack against Mr. Wirowek.

Prior to Mr. Wirowek’s refusal to make changes to the autopsy report, he had a good working relationship with Ms. Kelly, working 80 hours or more a week 24/7 to address issues that plagued the department. After Mr. Wirowek was unable to work 80 hours a week because he was on paternity leave, Ms. Kelly sent Kenneth Bukowski, Deputy City Administrator, to interview Mr. Wirowek’s subordinates, search his office, and search his computer. Mr. Bukowski and Mr. Wirowek were often at odds because Mr. Wirowek continuously had to push back on Mr. Bukowski’s failure to run the Medical Examiner’s office properly.

Immediately after his return from paternity leave to care for the birth of his long-awaited first daughter, Mr. Wirowek was informed he was under investigation and could not speak with anyone or collect his own evidence. Mr. Wirowek was subsequently fired without due process and without following proper procedures, even though he informed the City it was not following its own protocols and instead was rushing to find any reason to terminate Mr. Wirowek.

After suffering numerous losses, my wife and I finally had our miracle baby. I couldn’t wait to spend time bonding with my family. What was supposed to be the happiest time of my life turned into an absolute nightmare.

Christopher Wirowek

Both The Law Offices of Tanya Gomerman and The Law Offices of Pelayes & Yu are representing Mr. Wirowek.

“The City and County of San Francisco, specifically Ms. Kelly’s office, is no stranger to corruption and scandal,” states Attorney Tanya Gomerman. “Mr. Wirowek was a victim of retaliation for attempting to stop that cycle of corruption and abuse of power that continues to plague the administrative office.”

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